Free Consultation 

In order to assess if Sarah is the doula who will serve your family best, she offers an initial, free consultation.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum doula fee: $55-$60 per hour. 

Minimum of 4 hours per visit.


Overnight Postpartum Care

Postpartum doula overnight fee: $55-$60 per hour.

Minimum of 8 hours per overnight.

Newborn & Infant Sleep Coaching

One of the more difficult things for new parents to navigate and adjust to is infant sleep. Sarah offers evidence based information and provides practical tools which inform and empower parents, as they negotiate their babies complex sleep needs.

Infant Sleep Coaching is offered virtually in 1 hour sessions. Typically, 1-2 sessions suffice.

Newborn & Infant Sleep Coaching fee: $75 per hour.

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As a Postpartum Doula, Sarah Does Not:

Phone & Email Support // Covid-19

As your postpartum doula, Sarah offers complimentary phone and email support.

For families who, due to Covid-19 concerns, prefer remote support, Sarah offers virtual postpartum support, in 1 or 2 hour sessions.

Virtual Support Fee: $60 per hour.

As a Postpartum Doula, Sarah will:
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Perform any clinical tasks or provide medical treatment

Postpartum doulas are not medical professionals. Doulas are not qualified to diagnose or treat mother, baby or family members in any medical capacity. Sarah can refer clients to medical professionals or specialists, such as lactation specialists, as needed.

- Offer evidence-based information for baby care so that families can make decisions with confidence.

Make decisions for you 

As parents, decisions regarding your care, your baby's care and your family's care, are yours.

- Share knowledge and tips for baby soothing.

- Care for baby while parents nap or rest.

- Perform light household tasks and organizational projects, to ensure parents are not becoming overwhelmed.

- Include siblings and extended family in the postpartum adjustment period.

- Sit and listen to parents as they share (if they choose) their experience of pregancy, birth and the postpartum transition to parenthood.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

As a postpartum doula, Sarah cares for clients from a deep rooted belief that postpartum care should be unbiased and non-judgemental.

(Please note that Sarah does not do "deep cleaning" such as cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors)

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