Words From Families

"Sarah was a huge lifeline for us after we brought home our first baby. She is a newborn expert and took amazing care of our baby girl...she always knew just what she needed and kept her happy so we could sleep. Sarah also provided a lot of breastfeeding consultation during those early days/weeks and helped us to get breastfeeding well established. Breastfeeding has been a huge success for me and my babygirl and I largely credit Sarah for that!

In addition to providing top notch baby care, Sarah went above and beyond to support my husband and I through this time.

- She consistently checked in with us on her off days to see how we were doing.

- She helped shepherd me through many logistics while I was recovering  and in a mental fog. 

- She helped simplify our routines caring for the baby which made our lives much easier.

- She taught us various soothing techniques which have saved us on many occasions.

- She showed us how use some of the swaddles, wraps and other baby gear we had purchased.

- She listened with empathy and understanding as we vented our challenges in those early days/weeks.

- She connected us with other certified doulas when we needed additional support and she was unavailable.

- She’s extremely professional, punctual, and was always diligent with taking Covid-19 precautions to keep our household safe.

We can’t thank Sarah enough for all of the support she has provided our family as we transition into parenthood. We highly recommend Sarah for all of your postpartum needs. She is absolutely phenomenal and you’ll never want her to leave!" - Meredith 8/2020

"Working with Sarah was such a joy. Her presence is so calming and non-judgmental. As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was doing and Sarah put me at ease right from the start. She gave me tips on breastfeeding, how to get my baby to sleep and spit up and I was able to count on her for reassurance and guidance. As a single mom, I was doing nights and a lot of days too by myself and she gave me the break and sleep that I so desperately needed. She was phenomenal with my daughter as well, soothing her and getting her to sleep. Her services are most definitely worth it and I would welcome her back into my home anytime" - Colleen 9/19

"Sarah is amazing. She was our postpartum night doula the first few weeks home with a newborn delivered via c-section. I didn't know what help I needed or could ask for. Sarah guided us through the process.

I felt very comfortable with her in our home and caring for our 2 days old baby while I slept. She brought baby to me for nighttime breast feeding and handled the rest of the baby care. She was a baby whisperer for a fussy baby. She also supported me with water, snacks and fresh burp clothes as needed. She was a great listener and asked about our preferences regarding baby care. She also provided some lactation support.

I have no doubt that my speedy recovery was due to postpartum doula support. Having extra sleep at night allowed me to enjoy the day times with my baby."

Thank you Sarah!  Amy 9/2019

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